Saturday, 28 May 2016

Tom Caune offers tips on private investigation

Investigation services have evolved immensely to a highly respected, professional field. Boasting experts with skills that vary from police work to surveillance and technology, investigators strive to bring the best of their abilities to any job -- from searching for missing persons to catching cheating spouses or recovering stolen goods. No matter the work, this line of work is comprised of talented individuals with significant experience, and that includes 30-year veteran Tom Caune who not only brings superior education, but roles as a corporate investor, law enforcement officer and director of loss prevention.

As a result of his three decades of work, Caune offers several tips for those interested in the growing professional industry of private investigation -- a field in which Caune is licensed across multiple states:

  • Learn about various required state licenses. Caune holds multiple licenses with validity in numerous states. For example, he holds his alarm license and his private investigation license in multiple states. But Alabama, for instance, has no licensing requirements. Become educated about what entity regulates licenses and acquire the proper ones, if necessary.
  • Meet (and exceed) experience requirements. Education isn’t always required to become a private investigator, but occasionally it is, as is experience. Ensure you meet the minimum requirements and/or exceed them for every license.
  • Receive firearms training. Carrying a weapon without proper training and certification is simply illegal. Complete proper schooling and standards.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Tom Caune, A Seasoned Investigator

Throughout his career, Tom Caune is always pushing to improve his skills in order to be the best at his trade.  He is a licensed lie detection examiner, has his electronic countermeasure license and has achieved his private investigation licence and alarm license in multiple states.  Tom Caune never stops showing his passion for his command to serve and protect.

Tom Caune began his education at Central Piedmont Community College.  It was there that he earned his Associate's Degree in Police Science.  During these early educational endeavors to obtain his degree, Tom Caune found that he excelled in the study of police science and this was an affirmation for him to the field in which he wanted to begin a career.  After Piedmont, he continued on to Pfeiffer University to earn his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice.

The knowledge Tom Caune received at these two places of education would help instill an understanding of the importance of always improving his trade and learning how to do things the right way.  He was able to gain knowledge regarding law enforcement through his jobs.  Whether as a law enforcement officer, corporate investigator, director of loss prevention, or a private investigator, the education he gained from these institutions helped him to close investigations properly and effectively.

Tom Caune is now an established law enforcement officer with over thirty years of experience and thousands of investigations in the field.  Regardless of his tenure, Tom Caune has never stopped working hard to better himself in order show how seriously he takes the responsibility of law enforcement.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Tom Caune Is Extremely Passionate About His Career In Criminal Investigations

Tom Caune is a law enforcement officer who has been involved in the field for some thirty years in one way or another. He is a married father of four who places a great deal of importance on his family. Tom Caune is pleased to be able to provide for his family by working in law enforcement, a career for which he has incredibly passion.

It was this incredible passion that led Tom Caune to get involved with law enforcement and investigations in the first place. He earned his Associates Degree in Police Science from Central Piedmont Community College. This did not conclude his education in the field, though, he went on to earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Pfeiffer University. His education prepared him to be a better law enforcement officer, which ultimately benefited his career. Today, he can claim more than thirty years of investigation experience. This means that Tom Caune has a wealth of experience to rely upon during the course of any possible investigation. He has been involved in many different kinds, including serving as a corporate investigator. He also served as a Director of Loss Prevention at one point.

Tom Caune went through the process of obtaining licenses for a number of skills and professions, including becoming a licensed lie detection examiner, obtaining his electronic counter measure license, his security guard and patrol license in numerous states, his alarm license in a number of state, and a private investigators license in multiple states.